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What to Expect at Dakota Chiropractic Office

First Visit

Welcome to Dakota Chiropractic Office!Your first visit allows us to understand you. Please try to arrive about fifteen minutes early on the first visit so the office assistant can instruct you on some information that is needed and discuss whether you want to use insurance.

Our office assistant will take you to a private room and discuss your health history. From there Dr. Caron gets to hear your story, ask questions, and receive feed back from you.

If it is determined chiropractic has a good opportunity to help, an exam is performed. X-rays are taken on an as needed basis. Treatment will follow the exam. Your treatment will consist of many techniques, we will use the one that is best for you and your condition. It may be physical therapy, muscle work and some form of adjustment.

Total time on the first visit is about forty five minutes to a hour.

Second Visit

On your second visit, a history is taken to see how you are doing and if following instructions from the first visit was accomplished. Treatment is given when the assessment of your condition is evaluated and a plan to proceed is explained.

Total time is about thirty minutes.

Typical Visit

Patients will check in at the front desk. A fee slip will be made up for the patient and the patient will be taken back to a room for a history. Once the history is accomplished, evaluation of progress is determined and we establish the type of care for that visit. Dr. Caron finishes your treatment and will discuss your expectations and when you need to be seen again, if necessary.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you regain your optimum health!
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