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Meet the Dakota Chiropractic Office Team

Our Madison Chiropractic StaffChiropractor Dr. Douglas Caron and the Dakota Chiropractic Office team are here to help you feel well again and put you at ease in seeking out chiropractic care. For over 20 years, we have served Madison and the neighboring communities to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual we see.

Contact our office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment or, as always, walk ins are welcome!

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Front Desk Assistant, Kat


Hello, my name is Kat. I have been working at Dakota Chiropractic since 2013. I am involved in various duties. A few of those duties include office organization, administrative duties, as well as attending to patients. One of the thing I love about my job is meeting new people. Getting to know not only them, but their family and friends as well on a personal level. Providing comfort and compassion in a safe environment. My personal goal is to get the patient feeling better from when they first came in.

When I am not at the office I am taking care of my son. He is my shining star. Never a dull moment with him, we spend long hours in the sand box and building things with Lego’s I also enjoy reading, camping, cooking, and playing with my dog. I have loved each year spent at Dakota Chiropractic Office, I hope to help it continue to grow, and grow with it in return.

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Front Desk Assistant, Ally


Hello, I’m Ally! I have been working the front desk since about the beginning of the summer of 2017. I mostly work the evening hours but fill in for the other CA’s when needed. Learning office procedures and meeting people from all walks of life is interesting and enjoyable to me. My life is enhanced by my wonderful son!

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verna headshot


Working with Dr. Caron over the years has been an adventure. Not only has the practice changed because of required paperwork, but it has changed to include many more services for the total health of out patientsI started as a CA working with patients and now I am back from retirement for mostly tracking insurance claims and billing duties. Doing paperwork has become very time consuming in the medical field, and my duties allow current CA’s to spend valuable time with out patients. Personally I have a great family including 7 grandchildren who are each on a different adventure. This keeps me involved and ready for the next call or text.

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Hello! My name is Jamie. I’ve been working for Dr Caron since August 2015. Although you will usually see my at the front desk. I wear many hats here at the office. Office Manager to CA to Insurance processing, and many duties in between. I enjoy meeting the new patients that come into our office, along with the ones that have been here already. It is most rewarding when we see patients leave here feeling much better than they walked in. I have 2 beautiful children and a boyfriend that definitely keep life interesting!

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Photo of Judy


Hello, my name is Judy. I joined Dakota Chiropractic Office in July of 2018. Dr Caron and the staff are a great team to work with. I am impressed with the variety of treatments available. I enjoy working the front desk and meeting people from the area. My husband and I have 3 daughters and 1 grandson.