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How do you want to feel?

Regular chiropractic adjustments go hand-in-hand with good health. Let Dr. Caron
and his staff keep you feeling well through safe and natural Chiropractic care.


Welcome to Dakota Chiropractic Office

“Regular chiropractic adjustments go hand-in-hand with good health.” ~ Dr. Douglas Caron

Dr. Douglas Caron has been helping the Madison community since 1985 with safe and effective chiropractic care. He enjoys working with patients of all ages and all stages of life. His mission is to “Serve God by serving Man Chiropractic.”

Madison Chiropractor treats you, not your condition

Pain and illness are a combination of physical, nutrition and emotional imbalance. We don’t claim cures, but by
looking at the whole person many of these conditions may improve naturally. This is known as Functional health
and is different than system health, which only targets one piece of the puzzle, and only when it’s so bad it’s
causing problems.

Madison Chiropractor, Dr. Caron says, “Many people may share the same problem, such as headaches,
but there are many causes for the condition.” It is the body’s job to heal itself: by removing the causes
we can allow healing to occur. Finding the cause that relates to specific conditions is our goal.

Health of Madison Community

Dr. Caron wants to educate the Madison community about chiropractic care and encourage all people to be
checked by a chiropractor regularly. The reasoning behind this is every person goes through a new health cycle
about every ninety days and patients that follow this idea usually notice a higher quality of life with less aches,
more energy, and less tired feelings.

Dr. Caron and his staff want to keep you feeling well. Give us a call today
and let us increase the quality of your life.

~ Dr. Douglas Caron | Madison Chiropractor